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January 29, 2021by Mike0

On January 10th, we celebrated our six-month anniversary.

It has been a whirlwind to say the least. Obviously, COVID and the year that was 2020 made the start of journey a unique one. However, through it all we have put our customers first, becoming one of the best dispensaries in Detroit through hard work, quality selection and excellent, fast service.

During our first week, only six people were in the store for the entire week! Despite having the lowest priced cannabis in Michigan and one of the widest selections of vapes, edibles, shatter, hash, resin, flower, carts and the latest offerings from brands like GKUA, MKX, Fwaygo, Choice, Common Citizen and Platinum Vape, people simply did not know about us yet.

However, thanks to YOU, the loyal customer – we now service almost 400 people a day. We can fulfill recreational orders and always promise to provide the best customer experience.

We believe what truly separates us from other Michigan cannabis shops is our speed. We can have a customer in and out in less than five minutes! At other places, the average wait is about 45 minutes! We also offer curbside cannabis orders and you can order ahead to get items like wax, flower, live hash rosin, vape pens and cartridges and much, much more.

Michigan is one of the biggest growing markets in cannabis and we aim to not only be the best dispensary in Wayne, but we look to provide the top service of any cannabis dealer in metro Detroit.

Each and every member of our staff is fully knowledgeable of every product in the store and can answer any questions you may have while also providing recommendations on some of the newest offerings in stock. So if you’re looking for terp sugar, True North Gummies and chocolates, Dixie Mints, Concentrate, Dispo, oil or anything else, we’ve got it and we have at that very best price in Michigan!

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