UncategorizedGet to know our founder and CEO Scott Gocaj – Part II: Crushing it with customer service

February 22, 2021by Mike0

As highlighted in the PART I of our profile on Scott Gocaj, a foundation of family and community is extremely important to the Founder and CEO of Michigan’s Finest.

Over the last few years, Scott has relied on family, friends and a strong supporting cast in Wayne, Michigan to build up one of the top-rated dispensaries in the metro Detroit area.

“I saw the city was becoming marijuana-friendly and I immediately wanted to know how I could make that not only an opportunity for myself but how to deliver the best possible shop in the area,” Scott explained. “I’m very pro-cannabis and when I saw the opportunity to build up a business and bring a safe, secure location with knowledgeable staff, it was a real no-brainer. Why deal with backdoor settings and zero accountability where you’re rolling the dice as a consumer with what you’re getting. We help to deliver a peace of mind, best possible price on cannabis and knowing exactly where the product comes from.”

Scott credits his wife of 22 years, Rachel, as not only being his strongest supporter but also the key to making his dream come true.

“I viewed (creating Michigan’s Finest) as a way to be a better provider for my family,” Scott explained. “But she had to sign off first. She’s always supporting me in everything I do, the rock I can always count on. Once she gave the green light I was all in.”

The process to get the land, city approval and proper licensing was tedious. Of the four dispensaries in Wayne, Michigan’s Finest was the last to open but the first to be able to sell recreational marijuana.

“The day I got approval I cried like a baby,” Scott admitted. “It was about four years of work overall. Getting to open our door for the first time was an amazing feeling.”

Nowadays, unfortunately due to the pandemic the doors aren’t actually open, but service and a great selection of products like flower, bud, wax, resin, carts and vapes. Scott and his staff of over 20 people service over 300 cars per day through a curbside approach where preordering is encouraged.

“Obviously COVID really changed everything but we have tried to make the most of it. We try to have a simplistic approach that is just like Amazon where you find what you want, check out and pick it up the same day. We promise accurate inventory and never have a problem filling orders,” Scott explained. “We offer all of the top brands and really ensure speed and convenience. We can have you in and out in less than five minutes.”

Michigan’s Finest carries over 30 different flower strains and brands like GKUA, Fwaygo, MKX, Choice, Platinum Vape and Common Citizen. Scott says that while the selection alone has made his shop one of the best dispensaries in the metro Detroit area, their customer service is really what puts it at the top.

“I call my staff ‘cannabis consultants’ not just budtenders like most other places,” Scott explained. “They can not only make suggestions but really tailor and customize to your liking. They can find out what products do for you specifically, how they affect you and what seems to work best. Whether you’re a smoker or like edibles or concentrates we can help you. If you’re looking to help with anxiety or stress or just want to try out a new thing, we can really work with you to find something you’ll enjoy.”

Scott says the emphasis on customer service comes from his background at places like Omega Restaurant and Wayne Brewery.

“I didn’t go to school, I earned my degree from the school of hard knocks. I’ve always been in the customer service business day in, day out working in the restaurant and bar. The service industry teaches you a lot and you get to see all spectrums of life and opportunities,” Scott explained. “Our customer service is definitely what I take the most pride in. We make it our mission to make sure that we not only give you something you’ll like, but that the whole process is something you enjoy want to return for your business. I didn’t come from a corporate background, I came from a family background. Family is everything to me, so you’ll always be treated like family.”

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