Get to know our founder and CEO Scott Gocaj – Part I: Family, foundation and fortitude

February 8, 2021by Mike0

For Scott Gocaj, family is everything.

Over 40 years ago, Scott immigrated from Kosovo along with his parents, Mike and Mona. They settled in Wayne, Michigan a town that Scott has called home ever since.

Mike and Mona Gocaj bought into and then outright purchased the ‘Omega Restaurant’ in town, a place where Scott did everything from cooking and cleaning to serving as a bouncer. Along with his brothers and sisters, Scott learned values and traits at an early age from those days in the restaurant that he still carries to this day.

“My parents taught us that you had to earn everything,” Scott said. “They instilled a hard work ethic, dedication, family commitment and community in me and my siblings. I’m extremely thankful for that.”

Now in his do-it-all role as the founder and CEO of Michigan’s Finest, one of the best dispensaries in metro Detroit, Scott utilizes those ethos and values everyday.

“I want people who visit our shop to be treated as well as family and I want them to have the best possible experience,” Scott said. “It’s important to me that we obviously deliver top notch products, but it has to be along with top notch service and kindness, otherwise it doesn’t matter.”

Michigan’s Finest does deliver those top-notch products like flower, edibles, vapes, carts, wax and live hash rosin. However, the top-rated recreational dispensary in Wayne also makes sure to give back to its surroundings. Scott has been involved with multiple charity initiatives including aiding Toys for Tots, donating school supplies and rehabbing local parks for children.

“My parents always taught me that first you take care of your family. But you also must take care of your community because that is where your family is,” Scott explained. “I grew up here in Westland and am now in Wayne. I love them both as one. Both were very instrumental to my upbringing. What I am, what I was and where I’m going is all thanks to this area.”

Being the top marijuana dispensary near the metro Detroit airport is something that Scott is proud to have achieved, but he is more thrilled to see how Michigan’s Finest is becoming ingrained into the community itself.

“This is a blue-collar town, with hard-working people,” Scott remarked. “Everybody sort of knows everybody. You put your nose to the grindstone and work hard and play hard. We are happy to become a place that people in Wayne, Westland and from even farther away can count on.”

And again, for Scott is always comes back to family. Another staple in Wayne is US 12 Bar and Grill, which sits on the site that the Omega Restaurant once was. US 12 is run by Scott’s brother, John. Plenty of sons, daughters, nieces and nephews work at US 12 or Michigan’s Finest or up the road in Howell at All-Star Coney Island, a spot run by Scott’s sister, Cindy.

At Michigan’s Finest, Scott’s daughter, Hanna helps to run the shop while her boyfriend, Liam is the Director of Inventory. Scott’s son, Julian is the general manager and his niece, Vanessa, is in charge of their social media accounts.

“Honestly, it is a thrill to work with family. It takes a lot of hard work to make me look good,” Scott said with a laugh. “But just like I was brought up, I’m trying to provide this next generation a path like I was given. I’m a second-generation business owner and investor in Wayne, but the most important thing is for me to reinvest in this town and my family. It is so rewarding to be able to do just that.”

Check out Part II of our profile on our founder and CEO, Scott Gocaj, later this month!

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